SNL Got It Right…Humor Works

“Did you see it?  It was HILARIOUS!”  “YES! I did see it, and it WAS hilarious!” That has been the conversation amongst some as we’ve watched Saturday Night Live (SNL) lampoon politics over the past year.  Whether it was Hillary, Donald or any other, it was great comedy and exactly what we needed. This past […]

The Encouragement Zone

Why is it there are 300 million people in the United States (and it seems like we’re all connected electronically) but, yet, the number of people that say they have no one to confide important life events with has tripled in the past 20 years? I was walking around the touristy section of downtown Denver […]

Take a BIG BITE!

No matter what path we follow in life, there are times when we are going to get served “The Sandwich.”  Now, I’m not talking about a yummy sandwich where the aroma is so inviting that you can’t wait to pick it up and dig right in.  I am referring to a sandwich with rancid meat, […]

Meeting Bitch!?

The only thing I dislike more than other people’s drama is other people’s meetings.  Let’s face it, most meetings are dull, uneventful, and full of narcoleptic inducing briefings.  I like my meetings fun, quick, and to the point.  If you’re finding yourself going to more meetings in the dull category, might I suggest getting a […]

Perception IS NOT Reality!

WHY did I climb it!?  It could have been because it was there.  It might have been because I was feeling “youthful” after spending the day with family and friends.  Or, there could have just been a brief interruption of oxygen to my brain that impaired my decision making ability.  Regardless of the reason, I […]

Expect It!

What are your expectations of situations and people? When faced with new or difficult circumstances, how are your thoughts? Positive? Negative? Indifferent? I go into most situations with the predisposition that everything is going to work out the way that I want. I think it has something to do with me being the youngest child […]

Teamwork Is ALL About ME!!

Whenever I teach a class or share my thoughts with an audience on teamwork, I always give the old adage of “There’s no ‘I’ or ‘U’ in the word TEAM.” Just like clockwork, as if drawn by the laws of physics, someone will shout out, “Yeah, but there is a ‘ME’!” I then enthusiastically reply, […]

No Place to Go!

I walked into my Division Officer’s office and said (quite emotionally), “I’m not going to work for that a$$hole another day!” This wasn’t the first time my first line supervisor had screwed me over.  If he had been doing it as a “training tool” that would be one thing, but it was always personal.  This […]

Make Fear Your Bitch!

I’m not afraid of the boogie man but I have watched enough episodes of “Snapped” on The Oxygen Channel to make me a tad fearful when my wife, Gwen, gives me the crazy eyes.  Fear is an important emotion.  It keeps us from returning the stalkers call.  It keeps us alert when we’re in the […]

How to Deal With The Bad Apple

Let’s face it, we can pick our nose but we can’t all pick our teams.  It would be great to be able to “Kingdom Build” (as my old boss would say) but, sometimes, we get a legacy team…one that has been around, has a way of doing things, and is set in their ways.  Ninety […]