Mistakes Leaders Make

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it, but it always makes me laugh.  It could be that I’ve always been a John Cusack fan or that the scenes in the movie take me straight back to the mid-80’s (when I had long hair and no bald spot).  Regardless of when “Hot Tub […]

Show Your Ass and Laugh!

Chip Lutz

RIP!!!  The seam in the back of my dress uniform pants completely gave out.  Admittedly, I had packed on some serious pounds.  I had quit smoking and substituted the smokes for anything sweet around. (Okay, that’s just an excuse…I love donuts and had had a continual stream of them going into my mouth.) That morning […]

It Ain’t No Birthday Party!


As the day approached, I grew a little more panicky of what to expect.  I had signed up to join the Navy the summer before my Senior year in High School.  Ten months had passed and, although I knew I was leaving for boot camp two days after my 18th birthday, I had put being […]

Is Your Leadership Style A Mystery?


I love a good mystery, don’t you? Some of my favorite Sunday afternoons as a kid were spent watching Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan use their super sleuth skills to solve the most complex of crimes and, ultimately, save the world from complete annihilation. However great contemplating classic capers have been for me, having a […]

A Little Humor In the Mix

My “Old Man” worked in a steel mill for 42 years as a millwright and hated every day of it. With 7 children, he had no choice. At times, he worked three jobs to make ends meet. Never complaining, he raised us all with a strong work ethic, sense of family and most importantly a […]

Expect It!

What are your expectations of situations and people? When faced with new or difficult circumstances, how are your thoughts? Positive? Negative? Indifferent? I go into most situations with the predisposition that everything is going to work out the way that I want. I think it has something to do with me being the youngest child […]

The Secret To Leading Unconventionally

Desperate Times Call for Disparate Leadership! Doing more with less isn’t a catch phrase anymore, it has become a way of life. Suddenly people find themselves in leadership positions, unsuspecting and under-prepared. It’s time for something different.  It’s time to get UNCONVENTIONAL! This FREE E-BOOK will help you get different now! The Secrets To Leading […]

Turn Off The Flash


Abby (my youngest daughter) walked over to me and said, “Dad, that is Jenny’s grandma” and, very stealthily, nodded in the direction of an elderly woman waiting (like we were) for her car to get done with its oil change.  I said, “Well, go up and say hello!” Abby looked at me incredulously.  Being somewhat […]

Give Your Ideas Wings!

I sat there, nearly giddy as a young school girl, as the Admiral announced that nearly all of my wants for my division were about to be granted….funding, manpower, training. At that moment when my ideas became reality, I knew exactly how Dr. Frankenstein felt as he screamed, “IT’S ALIVE!! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!” When […]

Happy Memorial Day!?


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY?!  Happy?  I’ve heard this from many during my 45 years on the earth.  Memorial Day denotes the start to the summer but, yet, that’s not its intended purpose.  The purpose is to honor those who have sacrificed all in service to our country.  That being the case, why would it be happy?  […]