Value Leads To Engagement

Recently, I was in a meeting and heard a CEO say, “All units of work have the same value.” I’ve known this and have practiced it but had never heard it put so simply before. As a leader, it’s easy to forget what goes into the whole of moving the team forward. We get busy […]

3 Tactics For Dealing With the Jackass at Work!

My work life has been peppered with people that have been…well let’s just say, jackasses.  I’ve always thought of myself as someone that’s easy to get along with but, obviously, that’s not the case with everyone.  It could be your boss, co-worker, subordinate or even the barista at Starbucks…let’s face facts, we all work with […]

We ALL Screw the Pooch!

Back in the olden days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and thoughts were kept on “post-its” (and not a smart phone), I was in charge of the travel budget for my squadron.  Since we had planes, travel was part of what we did and keeping a tight budget was paramount in our ability to make […]

Problems Are Like Weeds!

I hate yard work.  Truthfully, my dream lawn is one that is brown and dead or paved (and painted green).  Recently, while downstate in Illinois visiting my parents, a good friend of mine from high school came over and, while there, suggested that we help out my elderly parents by doing some “spring cleaning” in […]

The Secret To Leading Unconventionally

Desperate Times Call for Disparate Leadership! Doing more with less isn’t a catch phrase anymore, it has become a way of life. Suddenly people find themselves in leadership positions, unsuspecting and under-prepared. It’s time for something different.  It’s time to get UNCONVENTIONAL! This FREE E-BOOK will help you get different now! The Secrets To Leading […]

Deckplate Leadership

My first two years in the Navy were less than productive. As a young 18 year old, I was loud, obnoxious, and thought many things were funny that my supervisors didn’t. On the opposite end, I was also smart, eager and enthusiastic – but I asked a lot of questions and wanted to know the […]

Light a Fire of Motivation!

When I first joined the Navy I, like every young Sailor, went through the required training to learn how to fight and prevent fires. Twenty years later, I still remember that you need 3 elements to create a fire – oxygen, heat, and fuel. Take one of them away and the fire is gone and […]

Change Your Attitude and Change Your Life

I reached my hotel room at 1AM and wondered what the next day was going to hold for me. It had been the end of an extremely long day. I had left Milwaukee that morning on (what I thought) was going to be a short flight to Oklahoma City to work with veterans that had […]

Is Your Leadership Style A Mystery?

I love a good mystery, don’t you? Some of my favorite Sunday afternoons as a kid were spent watching Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan use their super sleuth skills to solve the most complex of crimes and, ultimately, save the world from complete annihilation. However great contemplating classic capers have been for me, having a […]

Value Added

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!?”  I thought to myself as I got off the phone with my supervisor.  This was the fourth time I had reworked this report – each time having had different directions,  parameters, and requirements.  Usually, I like things on my “done” list and not my “to do” list but this time I felt […]