Are You Okay?

“Are you okay?”  were the first words that came out of my Dad’s mouth when I told him I wrecked his truck. Followed by, “We’ll talk about it when I get home.” It was the summer before my Senior year in High School and I had borrowed my Dad’s truck to go on a job […]


Yes, I still believe in super heroes! In a quick straw poll of the members of my household on what superpower they would want if given the opportunity, I was quite surprised with the answers. I had two that wanted to fly, one that wanted to be invisible, one that wanted to be able to […]


Giving someone their annual performance appraisal can be tricky if you aren’t mentally prepared.  My first crack at debriefing someone was an eye opening experience!  I had plenty of years on the opposite side of the desk (getting told how I was performing) and thought I knew how I wanted it to go but found […]

Why Do People Ask Why?

His brow furrowed and a perspiration started to manifest itself on his upper lip when I asked it.  Then, as quickly as the look of anger came upon him, his head cocked (as if he were a confused puppy), his brow softened, and he answered, “Because I said so.” The question was, “Why?”  I don’t […]

Is Your Leadership Style A Mystery?

I love a good mystery, don’t you? Some of my favorite Sunday afternoons as a kid were spent watching Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan use their super sleuth skills to solve the most complex of crimes and, ultimately, save the world from complete annihilation. However great contemplating classic capers have been for me, having a […]

Keep It To Yourself!

I sat there, diligently typing, as Kimmie rolled her chair over to mine when Georgette left the office.  I knew what was coming.  It happened every day.  One person would leave the office and the other would roll over and say, “Do you know what she did!?”  They would then proceed to unload their bitches […]

Turn Off The Flash

Abby (my youngest daughter) walked over to me and said, “Dad, that is Jenny’s grandma” and, very stealthily, nodded in the direction of an elderly woman waiting (like we were) for her car to get done with its oil change.  I said, “Well, go up and say hello!” Abby looked at me incredulously.  Being somewhat […]

Teamwork is All About “ME”

Whenever I teach a class or give a presentation on teamwork, I always give the old adage of “There’s no ‘I’ or ‘U’ in the word TEAM.” Just like clockwork, as if drawn by the laws of physics, someone will shout out, “Yah, but there is a ‘ME’!” I then enthusiastically reply, “YES!” My astute […]

Rugged Genes

This may be hard to believe but I have been accused of being somewhat abrupt.  I have filters but, mostly, I let people know what I think.  It goes with my life philosophy of trying to live a life free of hypocrisy.  I’m not alone.  My four brothers have the same problem.  It’s in our […]

Want Innovation? Just give the order!

“Sometimes, Chip, all you can do is just give an order.”  the Admiral said as he gave me his best piece of advice before I shipped off to Officer Candidate School. Really?  That was it?  That was the best piece of advice he could give me?  Confused, I asked him to explain. He then told […]