Quit Quitting and Lead!

“You know, Mattie, you would have saved yourself a lot of time if you had just given in early.” I said to her as I sat back in my chair. “Lieutenant Lutz, you may think you’re all that and a bag of potato chips but I have to do my job.”  she replied. She was […]

Make Fear Your Bitch!

I’m not afraid of the boogie man but I have watched enough episodes of “Snapped” on The Oxygen Channel to make me a tad fearful when my wife, Gwen, gives me the crazy eyes.  Fear is an important emotion.  It keeps us from returning the stalkers call.  It keeps us alert when we’re in the […]

Make a Positive Impact!

Each team member impacts the culture of an organization (positively or negatively) because emotions pass from person to person. Fifteen years ago, I was working for a particularly mean-spirited manager. He would spend his days yelling, stomping and publicly chastising me (and I was a work horse!). Although he looked at this as a type […]

3 Tactics For Dealing With the Jackass at Work!

My work life has been peppered with people that have been…well let’s just say, jackasses.  I’ve always thought of myself as someone that’s easy to get along with but, obviously, that’s not the case with everyone.  It could be your boss, co-worker, subordinate or even the barista at Starbucks…let’s face facts, we all work with […]


I was a little nervous.  It was, after all, my first periodic evaluation as a new officer.  I knew that I had been working hard, taking care of my people and working to move the mission forward but, in the back of my head, questioned if I had done enough.  I walked into my Commanding […]

Empowerment and Underwear

The stench of sweat, mothballs and fear permeated the room as the timer went off and the instructor said, “Go!” It was our final locker inspection for my graduation from boot camp and we all needed to pass in order to move on to the next “adventure.” 80 sweaty, stinky, and desperate men sped to […]


He was trying to be patient.  I know he was.  I was excited to be at my first duty station and learn my trade.  I had just gotten finished with my apprenticeship training and was, in my opinion, ready to take this new knowledge and take over the world. Don, my first supervisor, was teaching […]

Make It Through The Trials

I was two months into my first Command tour when the call came in.  It was the call I hoped would never happen but, in the back of my head, knew would eventually come.  As the senior Naval Officer in my area, one of my responsibilities was to make the notification to next of kin […]

Voices In My Head

“Hey, I saw you walking up the street talking to someone…but no one was there” the Major said. Yup, he was correct.  You see, I have this really bad habit of going through potentially contentious conversations in my head prior to having them. The bad part is that I get so into the conversation that […]

What’s YOUR Superpower?

Yes, I still believe in super heroes! In a quick straw poll of the members of my household on what superpower they would want if given the opportunity, I was quite surprised with the answers. I had two that wanted to fly, one that wanted to be invisible, one that wanted to be able to […]