Are You Okay?

“Are you okay?”  were the first words that came out of my Dad’s mouth when I told him I wrecked his truck. Followed by, “We’ll talk about it when I get home.” It was the summer before my Senior year in High School and I had borrowed my Dad’s truck to go on a job […]

Don’t talk, DO!

Why is it that some people just talk about doing things and never do anything? I worked with Ricky at my first command and he was a great guy.   He was congenial, helpful, and a dedicated Dad.  We got along well and he would always confide in me about his plans for the future.   However, […]

Build Communities

Standing there (in nothing but a large pair of boxer shorts) during my first 2 days of Navy Boot Camp, I stenciled my clothes as quickly as my chubby hands could get them done while the person next to me, obviously stressed, was crying as he was doing his within the allotted time limits (quietly, […]

Make a Positive Impact!

Each team member impacts the culture of an organization (positively or negatively) because emotions pass from person to person. Fifteen years ago, I was working for a particularly mean-spirited manager. He would spend his days yelling, stomping and publicly chastising me (and I was a work horse!). Although he looked at this as a type […]

Value Leads To Engagement

Recently, I was in a meeting and heard a CEO say, “All units of work have the same value.” I’ve known this and have practiced it but had never heard it put so simply before. As a leader, it’s easy to forget what goes into the whole of moving the team forward. We get busy […]

Happy Memorial Day!?

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY?!  Happy?  I’ve heard this from many during my 45 years on the earth.  Memorial Day denotes the start to the summer but, yet, that’s not its intended purpose.  The purpose is to honor those who have sacrificed all in service to our country.  That being the case, why would it be happy?  […]

3 Tactics For Dealing With the Jackass at Work!

My work life has been peppered with people that have been…well let’s just say, jackasses.  I’ve always thought of myself as someone that’s easy to get along with but, obviously, that’s not the case with everyone.  It could be your boss, co-worker, subordinate or even the barista at Starbucks…let’s face facts, we all work with […]

Keep It To Yourself!

I sat there, diligently typing, as Kimmie rolled her chair over to mine when Georgette left the office.  I knew what was coming.  It happened every day.  One person would leave the office and the other would roll over and say, “Do you know what she did!?”  They would then proceed to unload their bitches […]

Light a Fire of Motivation!

When I first joined the Navy I, like every young Sailor, went through the required training to learn how to fight and prevent fires. Twenty years later, I still remember that you need 3 elements to create a fire – oxygen, heat, and fuel. Take one of them away and the fire is gone and […]

How to Deal With The Bad Apple

Let’s face it, we can pick our nose but we can’t all pick our teams.  It would be great to be able to “Kingdom Build” (as my old boss would say) but, sometimes, we get a legacy team…one that has been around, has a way of doing things, and is set in their ways.  Ninety […]