No Loyalty? YOU LOSE!


Every summer, I try to do something for my own personal development. This summer, it was to get in touch with my “geeky” love of history and catch up (and reacquaint myself) on everything that’s happened in the past 1500 years. I read about the Plantagenet’s, the Tudors, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, Truman, […]

2 Things You Can Do To Lead Great


It was a dark and stormy night! Actually, it had been dark and stormy for a while. Thousands of allied troops, transports, and supplies were loaded on ships floating in the North Atlantic; waiting for the order that everything was a “go” for the June 6th, 1944 D-Day invasion of France, Operation Overlord. General Dwight […]

Henry Knew Best..NOT!


Henry VIII put the King in Kingship. All the kings before him, in my opinion, were just mere warlords. Henry, on the other hand, with his giant ego and belief that God personally anointed him to rule, brought new meaning in what it meant to be King of England. Seriously…. this was a guy who […]

Go Free Range!


“I’d like to thank my parents for ignoring me as a child!”  I said, gleefully, as I held the trophy over my head in triumph.  Yes, I had won the television trivia contest on board the cruise ship.  My mother, who was in the crowd, didn’t see as much humor in my victory speech as […]

What’s YOUR Superpower?


Yes, I still believe in super heroes! In a quick straw poll of the members of my household on what superpower they would want if given the opportunity, I was quite surprised with the answers. I had two that wanted to fly, one that wanted to be invisible, one that wanted to be able to […]

Why Size Matters


If you had met Captain Pat on the street, you would never have guessed that he was an officer in the Navy or that he was responsible for nearly 10,000 people and millions of dollars of in Navy assets. He always had shaving cream behind his ear, appeared to comb his hair with a rock, […]

How To Change Your Attitude

Big Cup O' Joe!

I reached my hotel room at 1AM and wondered what the next day was going to hold for me. It had been the end of an extremely long day. I had left Milwaukee that morning on (what I thought) was going to be a short flight to Oklahoma City to work with veterans that had […]

Is Your Leadership Style A Mystery?


I love a good mystery, don’t you? Some of my favorite Sunday afternoons as a kid were spent watching Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan use their super sleuth skills to solve the most complex of crimes and, ultimately, save the world from complete annihilation. However great contemplating classic capers have been for me, having a […]

Which Are You?


In my estimation, there are two types of people in this world; Mayonnaise people and Miracle Whip people.  My Mother will not eat a sandwich without the hefty slather of Miracle Whip and my ex-wife’s love of mayonnaise is SO GREAT she won’t even look at Miracle Whip in the grocery store (let alone buy […]

Leadership Interview

I had the GREAT opportunity to be on STEAMFEED radio and be interviewed. Listen to it HERE!! More Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Gettysburg Gerry on BlogTalkRadio