Retaining Your Best Is EVERYONE’S Job!


Do you know why the US Navy works hard to retain their best and brightest?  It’s because they can’t hire senior leadership from the outside.  They have to grow their own leaders  The Navy, as with any multi-cultural global entity, is in fierce competition for high quality, talented people who want to make a difference […]

How To Change Your Attitude

Big Cup O' Joe!

I reached my hotel room at 1AM and wondered what the next day was going to hold for me. It had been the end of an extremely long day. I had left Milwaukee that morning on (what I thought) was going to be a short flight to Oklahoma City to work with veterans that had […]

Make It Through The Trials

I was two months into my first Command tour when the call came in.  It was the call I hoped would never happen but, in the back of my head, knew would eventually come.  As the senior Naval Officer in my area, one of my responsibilities was to make the notification to next of kin […]

CARE is the Key!

We as leaders can’t make our people happy. Happiness is a personal choice. What we can do is manage the mood – the “how people feel” about their work, their contribution, and the organization. As a young division officer, I inherited a department that had low morale, low productivity, and even lower initiative. Most of […]

Rough Seas? Take Action!

In order to navigate today’s rough waters we must do more than talk about it, we must do it!  One of the best action leaders I ever served with was a man named, Russ.  Russ was a retired Naval officer with what seemed to be boundless energy.  The momentum he generated in tackling problems, producing […]

Keep It To Yourself!

shut up

I sat there, diligently typing, as Kimmie rolled her chair over to mine when Georgette left the office.  I knew what was coming.  It happened every day.  One person would leave the office and the other would roll over and say, “Do you know what she did!?”  They would then proceed to unload their bitches […]

No Place to Go!


I walked into my Division Officer’s office and said (quite emotionally), “I’m not going to work for that a$$hole another day!” This wasn’t the first time my first line supervisor had screwed me over.  If he had been doing it as a “training tool” that would be one thing, but it was always personal.  This […]

Fat Boys Can’t Jump

My Bass and I

The basketball tipped off the top of John’s fingers and, seemingly in slow motion, arced high up in the air and descended down into my chubby little hands. WHAT!? I had the ball!? I looked up, ball in hand, as a pack of much taller, athletic classmates ran to surround me (as a pack of […]

Leadership Interview

I had the GREAT opportunity to be on STEAMFEED radio and be interviewed. Listen to it HERE!! More Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Gettysburg Gerry on BlogTalkRadio Originally posted 2014-04-30 19:41:43. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What’s In A Name?

Growing up, my ol’ man had a nickname for everyone. I don’t know if it was because he couldn’t remember anyone’s name or because he thought it was funny. Whatever the reason, if you knew him (and he liked you) you got assigned a name. At his work there was a Flopjaw, Leo, Goliath, and […]