Retaining Your Best Is EVERYONE’S Job!


Do you know why the US Navy works hard to retain their best and brightest?  It’s because they can’t hire senior leadership from the outside.  They have to grow their own leaders  The Navy, as with any multi-cultural global entity, is in fierce competition for high quality, talented people who want to make a difference […]

Unconventional Team Connection


Growing up, my ol’ man had a nickname for everyone. I don’t know if it was because he couldn’t remember anyone’s name or because he thought it was funny. Whatever the reason, if you knew him (and he liked you) you got assigned a name. At his work there was a Flopjaw, Leo, Goliath, and […]

Common Sense Isn’t Common

Chip Lutz

The ocean swells were so large I thought I was reliving the beginning scene of Gilligan’s Island.  I had only been in the Navy for six months and out to sea for the last two.  I was pretty green (not only as a Sailor but also from the motion of the ocean).  Books, papers, and […]

Give People a Choice

Victoria All Grown Up

With our business being complete and coffee remaining in our cups, our conversation turned to children.  With each of us having multiple children, Eliz and I always have many stories to share and, immediately, I went to one of (what I consider) a premier parenting moment.  Begin story flashback…. It was 2002 and we lived […]

4 “No Fail” Motivation Strategies

Money is great! It makes the world go around. It motivates some to perform better for a while (in it’s pursuit) but that “superior” performance is usually short lived. In the same respect, threats, barking orders and intimidation have never moved any team that I was on to surpassing goals and moving to new levels […]

Light a Fire of Motivation!

When I first joined the Navy I, like every young Sailor, went through the required training to learn how to fight and prevent fires. Twenty years later, I still remember that you need 3 elements to create a fire – oxygen, heat, and fuel. Take one of them away and the fire is gone and […]

We Don’t Need Stinkin’ Boot Camp!

Boot Camp NO!

Sweat poured from every pore in my body and I struggled to keep my legs “six inches off the deck” during an intensive physically training session at boot camp. The company commander (a Navy version of a Drill Instructor) stood powerfully over all of the recruits yelling: “On your backs!” “On your bellies!” “Flutter kicks” […]

We ALL Screw the Pooch!


Back in the olden days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and thoughts were kept on “post-its” (and not a smart phone), I was in charge of the travel budget for my squadron.  Since we had planes, travel was part of what we did and keeping a tight budget was paramount in our ability to make […]

Leading Leaders

military to civilian transition

Many organizations are working to recruit Veteran and returning military people.  But…once you have them on board the organization, how to you keep them?  This 63 page e-book on slide share will help you understand your new team member, military culture, and respect and honor their service.  It also gives tips on what you can […]

The Cement of Good Relationships

Relationships parallel houses in the way they are built. Daily, we add (or detract) from the foundation of our relationships – at work and at home. Daily, we lay bricks, reinforce walls, put up barriers, and cover open spaces. How much reflection and planning are you investing into the building of your house? It takes […]