Value Leads To Engagement


Recently, I was in a meeting and heard a CEO say, “All units of work have the same value.” I’ve known this and have practiced it but had never heard it put so simply before. As a leader, it’s easy to forget what goes into the whole of moving the team forward. We get busy […]

Which Are You?


In my estimation, there are two types of people in this world; Mayonnaise people and Miracle Whip people.  My Mother will not eat a sandwich without the hefty slather of Miracle Whip and my ex-wife’s love of mayonnaise is SO GREAT she won’t even look at Miracle Whip in the grocery store (let alone buy […]

Moxy Needs Moxy

Units of Work

My boss’s jaw dropped when I said it to him.  I think he was dumbfounded that I  (a cocky young Lieutenant) had just “laid into” one of the most revered men in our district. His name was Einer.  He was a German immigrant and, I think, just two days older than God.  He had been […]

How to Effectively Delegate


Diamond Dan explained it to me quite simply when he said, “If you’re really busy and you’re people aren’t…you aren’t delegating effectively.” I can’t tell you how many times those words have come back to remind me that I don’t need to do everything myself.  Perhaps you’re like me where you want it done a […]

Rugged Genes

Chip and Matt Lutz

This may be hard to believe but I have been accused of being somewhat abrupt.  I have filters but, mostly, I let people know what I think.  It goes with my life philosophy of trying to live a life free of hypocrisy.  I’m not alone.  My four brothers have the same problem.  It’s in our […]

Give Your Ideas Wings!

I sat there, nearly giddy as a young school girl, as the Admiral announced that nearly all of my wants for my division were about to be granted….funding, manpower, training. At that moment when my ideas became reality, I knew exactly how Dr. Frankenstein felt as he screamed, “IT’S ALIVE!! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!” When […]

Mess Creates More Mess


I just saw “The Great Gatsby” with my youngest son, Ben, last night.  One of my favorite quotes from the movie (and the book) came from Daisy Buchanan.  When asked about her daughter, she replied, “I hope she’ll be a fool–that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool..” […]


I was a little nervous.  It was, after all, my first periodic evaluation as a new officer.  I knew that I had been working hard, taking care of my people and working to move the mission forward but, in the back of my head, questioned if I had done enough.  I walked into my Commanding […]

Make Fear Your Bitch!


I’m not afraid of the boogie man but I have watched enough episodes of “Snapped” on The Oxygen Channel to make me a tad fearful when my wife, Gwen, gives me the crazy eyes.  Fear is an important emotion.  It keeps us from returning the stalkers call.  It keeps us alert when we’re in the […]

Bridge The Generation Gap

Who is this generation “Y?” Do I really have to have them on my team? I don’t want the “old guy” either. These can be some of the thoughts that go through team member’s heads when forming a new team. For me, I don’t feel much different from when I was 18 but I am […]