Millennials: Entitlement or Positive Expectation?


“I’ll be running that place in a few weeks!” was my daughter, Victoria’s, near immediate response after she got her first job at Marshall’s.  Within a few weeks after starting there, she knew it was going to be a horse of a different color. I have adult children.  They are all Millennials.  They weren’t brought […]

The Crossroads Of Despair and Action


I couldn’t believe what I hadn’t gotten myself into.  When I would stop and look at my job in its totality, I knew I was WAY out of my league.  I had 6 Navy Installations and I was responsible for the safety and security of the 25 thousand people that worked on them.  I was […]

How To Be On The “They” Team


We all have a “they” team that we hate.  You know what I’m talking about.  The “they” at work that give us too much work, boss us around, and subscribe us to the jelly of the month club in lieu of a bonus.  My first indoctrination into being on the “they” team was during a […]



He was trying to be patient.  I know he was.  I was excited to be at my first duty station and learn my trade.  I had just gotten finished with my apprenticeship training and was, in my opinion, ready to take this new knowledge and take over the world. Don, my first supervisor, was teaching […]

Go Free Range!


“I’d like to thank my parents for ignoring me as a child!”  I said, gleefully, as I held the trophy over my head in triumph.  Yes, I had won the television trivia contest on board the cruise ship.  My mother, who was in the crowd, didn’t see as much humor in my victory speech as […]

GTFO!! You’re Irritating Me!


It was a fun job!  I was still working my Navy job during the day but had started teaching at night.  My first semester went off without a hitch.  My second, however, proved to be a little bit different story.  It wasn’t bad.  It’s just that I had a “Chatty Kathy” who kept disrupting the […]

Unconventional Rewards (and Fun)!

Chip Lutz

I could hear him running down the passageway as the clock ticked down to the end of one minute.  55…56…57…and then, Lonnie broke the threshold of my door and dove for my desk.  Just as the second hand hit 60 seconds, his “special request chit” reached my in-basket.  Small beads of sweat started to form […]

Leadership Interview

I had the GREAT opportunity to be on STEAMFEED radio and be interviewed. Listen to it HERE!! More Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Gettysburg Gerry on BlogTalkRadio Originally posted 2014-04-30 19:41:43. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

4 Methods to Self Promote Without Brown Nosing!

Years ago, as a junior officer, I worked with another young Lieutenant named, Derek.  Derek was a smart, articulate and a hard worker but he was also a MAJOR League sycophant (aka: fawning parasite or brown-noser).   Whenever the opportunity would arise, we would duck and pucker in the hope of outshining the rest of the […]

6 Tips For Managing Your Time

The only thing I can figure is that I used to have a LOT of time.  Way before children, responsibilities and work, I must have had oodles and oodles of time.  Because now, after the rigors of life have wedged their spiny hooks deep within my flesh, I don’t know where to get more time.  […]