Unthink What You Think You Know



As leaders, we make some critical assumption errors.  Actually, as people we make the same.  We assume that:

People know what we know.
People enjoy what we enjoy.
People know how we feel.
People know how well they do.

From these assumption errors, we make decisions and form relationships.  We even decide on relationships from thinking that we really know what is up.  Let’s face it, we think some incredibly stupid things.    If we want to get past these errors and lead unconventionally, there are two things that must be remembered:

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!   We don’t know ANYTHING about people unless we actually experience it and/or talk to them about it.  We don’t know what they know, how they feel what motivates them or anything else.

PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY!   If we think and don’t really know, then what we see isn’t really real.  What’s real is the relationships we have with the people that we take the time to talk to, share with, and experience life with.

To unthink what you think you know, we have to untether ourselves from our desk and actually get to know our team.  For more strategies on connecting with your team, sign up for the Uncommon Leadership newsletter, “The Rudder” (sent out monthly)

You can’t be upset people don’t meet your expectations if you don’t let them know what they are.”  – Chip Lutz

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