“Just spend two minutes with Chip and you will be amazed at how often you laugh and learn at the same time! He has the unique ability to take strategic leadership messages and distill them into practical actions to be applied daily.
His impressive Navy career combined with his world experiences makes him a great speaker, great conversationalist and a great addition to any team. You will really enjoy Chip, I highly recommend him!”

Neen James CSP Neen James Communications

“Chip is a great speaker! He’s motivating, he’s funny, he’s engaging and he drives the key points home in an entertaining way. Everyone looks forward to Chip’s sessions because they know that no matter what topic he presents, it’ll be motivating and fun!
I highly recommend bringing Chip in when you want to motivate and encourage your employees in a way that they’ll always remember!”

Michelle Pastor, President, Enrich Finance

“It was a pleasure working with Chip. He was able to pull our team together with humor, fun, and professionalism. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Jacqueline Ward, Business Consultant

“Chip Lutz is an inspiring and energetic leader with a unique talent to reach individuals at their core through humor and life sharing lessons. He models the next generation of excellence in leadership and teaches values and tools for today’s management not found elsewhere!”

Colleen Martin, , Columbia St. Mary’s

“WOW! If you are looking for high energy presentations, then contact Chip Lutz is your man because he is a DYNAMO! His high energy presentations on being more effective are punctuated with humor designed to help you remember the message. He effectively pulls the audience into his presentations with simple and fun exercises. If you or your company needs high substance and fun leadership training, then Chip Lutz (Commander,USN Ret.) is your man!”

Dwight Houchins, President, Lake County Chamber

Your positive attitude is contagious! Hopefully, we can translate your talk into positive actions!

Michael Lupacchino, US Army

You obviously live what you preach!

Pam Glick

You are very inspiring!

J. Speckman, Speckman Therapeutics

Loved it! A very dynamic, and energetic presentation!

Charles Pimentel

Awesome! One of the best speakers I have heard!

L. Chinn, BBW

It’s amazing how much you can learn while you are laughing!

Dorothy Box, Lake Forest, IL

Great presentation! I never laughed so hard! Many thanks, thanks thanks!

Gail Riihimaki, Grainger Inc.

Very charismatic, enjoyed your enthusiasm!

Andrea Cherubini, Hospira

Great energy!

Tim Drew

Great, energizing presentation!

Chuck Howard

YOU ROCK! A very valuable and informative session!

Barbara Mistele

Thank you! I have days when I don’t even smile and you gave me strategies to help!

Andrea Hastings

If our stress level isn’t decreased after attending this presentation, you slept through it!

Rick Barr

This was awesome and so useful in everyday life!

Kelly Canes

You were AWESOME and a real treat! I am glad I came!

Victoria McGuire

Your presentation was so uplifting and positive, it would be impossible to go back and not spread the laughter!

Debi Gutierrez

This would be a wonderful even for our company as we suffer through a difficult real estate market!

Cindy Marriott

Thank you so much!

Amy Johnson

What a great way to start the day!

Nick Parquine

Very motivating!

Linda Lampman, Florida

I had so much fun! Keep up what you are doing! You make a difference!

Patty Smith, Virginia

Dynamic, engaging, encouraging and Fun!

L. Ruege, Wisconsin

Made me laugh and provided things I could use!

Gertie Haese, Wisconsin

Best retreat I’ve attended in six years!

Tracee Cole, Illinois