Online Training

UNconventional Leadership:

Moving Forward by Doing it Differently

With Chip Lutz

Course Overview:   Doing more with less isn’t a catch-phrase anymore….it’s become a way of life. Suddenly, people find themselves in leadership positions, unsuspecting and under-prepared. It’s time to do something different. It’s time to flip the switch from conventional leadership, to UNconventional!

Join leadership expert, Chip Lutz, as he shows you how to ask the tough questions guaranteed to kick your leadership abilities into high gear.

This course will enable you to:

  • Identify the three leadership maxims, and why they’re important;
  • Compare & contrast conventional leadership to UNconventional leadership;
  • Enumerate the three questions to ask when exercising Unconventional leadership;
  • Pinpoint four specific areas that can make your leadership different;
  • Describe the primary difference between “can” and “will” and how they contribute to being an effective leader.

If you want to move from ho-hum leadership, to UNconventional leadership “ROCK STAR”, this online course is for you!

Investment: Only $49.95

Run time: Approximately 50 minutes plus a Facilitator’s Guide & Activity